Children’s Church

The Children’s Church ministry is a progression that starts with our Nursery and continues through our CC Kids Club aged class. Our focus is on creating a safe, nurturing and educational environment where children will not only hear God’s Word but they will also learn how to live it as well. We hand pick curriculum that allow children to experience the lesson through fun activities, discussions and experiments. Your child will have fun learning as they begin to understand The Word and what it means to be a child of God.

Pre K

These are our 3 to 5-year-old darlings. They love hands-on activities. Sometimes they might change the flow of your lesson but it’s always good! There are usually between three and five students. We use orange curriculum. It has opening activities, a Bible lesson, object lessons and activity pages you always have more than you need to keep them busy.  They always have praise and worship with the grownups for a song.


The Nursery is not just about diapers! Love, nurture, play… Who doesn’t like to do that? Other Nursery volunteers are nurturing individuals who provide a safe environment for our precious little ones to learn and grow in God’s word. We believe in providing these young Christians with a firm foundation on which they can stand. 

CC Kids Club

CC Kid’s Club is the program for children in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. These children come to hear and learn about the Word of God in a way they can understand and apply to their daily lives. Children’s church includes praise and worship in the sanctuary with the congregation, a Bible story/lesson, a memory verse each month, and activities to apply what they are learning. We use Orange curriculum and teachers are provided with a detailed curriculum of activities to choose from to enhance learning. Each month has a theme and each week’s stories and lessons support the theme for the month.