What To Expect

Stepping into the unfamiliar can be a little intimidating and maybe even uncomfortable for some people. When you visit Christ Central you can expect to feel welcomed and accepted. Christ Central is a church for singles, college students, infants, children, teenagers, families, and senior adults.

Whoever you are, you will be encouraged by our authentic and passionate worship, relevant and creative presentations of the Gospel, and life-changing prayer times that will challenge and empower you.

Weekly Worship services are held Sunday mornings at 10:30am

At Christ Central you can expect:

A casual atmosphere

Live, authentic and passionate worship music

Thought-provoking messages from the Bible

Energetic teaching for your kids & teens

Friendly people who hang out & chat in small groups that meet throughout the week

Wear what makes you comfortable…Suit and tie, jeans and button-down, or shorts and t-shirt…shiny shoes, casual shoes, tennis shoes or flip flops; we just want you to be in church so you can be equipped to go out and be the church.

Nursery, pre-school and children’s classes will be available during service times. Our goal is to use this time to partner with you by investing God’s Word in the hearts of our children. Lessons, activities and snacks will be provided, as well as a “talking points” for parents to engage in deeper conversation with their children throughout the week.

Middle and high school students will be a part of the main service on Sundays and will engage in small groups throughout the week.

Services generally last one-hour fifteen-minutes. Services include worship, announcements, message, and prayer. On occasion we will have baby dedication, baptisms and special events that take place during the regular service times.

If you have any other questions regarding Christ Central, please contact us.