Christ Central Missions

At Christ Central, Missions is of utmost importance to who we are, and what we feel God has called us to do on His planet, and for His people.


At Christ Central, we believe in being the church both locally and around the world. We follow Christ not just by what we say, but also by our actions. It’s our calling to be the hands and feet of Christ, serving those that are in need and sharing the love of Jesus. That is the primary purpose of Christ Central’s Missions.

Local Missions

Christ Central strategically partners with local organizations to support causes that we believe in. As the church, we have the opportunity to make an impact, bless our community, and see God bless His work right here in our own backyard.

Helping Hands

Christ Central donates monthly to Helping Hands of Paulding County, an organization that serves those at risk of hunger and homelessness, and reaches out to those in need.

Paulding Pregnancy Resource Center

We proudly support the Paulding Pregnancy Resource Center, which offers untold assistance to women in various situations of physical and emotional need.

World Missions

Our World Missions Outreach is centered around our support of missionaries in foreign countries, as well as dedicated missions projects and emergency relief efforts. It’s our desire to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached unto the ends of the earth.


More than a decade ago, Pastor Steve and Penny Everett were led by God to sell all they had, gather up their children, and plant a church in Hungary. They were there for several years, showing Christ to the Hungarian people. The church they planted still stands today, with Pastor Misi and many others still serving faithfully. Christ Central supports this great work on a regular monthly basis.


The charge for Bohemian missions is lead by Dr. Dona Banks, who spent many years as a missionary to the people of the Bahamas, and still frequently returns for mission work. She has taken a group from Christ Central to the Bahamas, and will hopefully lead many more to help the poor and desolate people on the island.


Christ Central supports an amazing family who followed God’s calling to do some amazing, very important work in Guatemala. David & Vickie Byrd have done so much for the Guatemalan people, including the installation of very necessary water tanks, as well as baby formula for young families who are desperate to feed their babies, and much more.


Our assistance to Ukraine is a prime example of an emergency relief effort project. In the midst of political and military attacks, we have pledged money and supplies to the hurting people of Ukraine.


Christ Central gives monthly to missions to help the people living in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, Haiti.


One of the newest worldwide outreach opportunities for Christ Central, supports mission opportunities in the Philippines.

Christmas Shoe Box Mission

Every year, Christ Central members join forces with Samaritan’s Purse to send shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts to needy children all over the world.